How to Customize QuickBooks for Your Co-op

setup window

Then click View/Pay. When reconciling your bank account in QuickBooks, what must the beginning balance match? The beginning balance should always equal the net amount of all uncleared bank transactions.

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Create your company file… Now that you have entered your company basics, QuickBooks is getting ready to create and save a company file. QuickBooks will recommend a location for you. Generally, you should accept it’s recommendation and save the file by clicking save. Make a note of where the file is located in case you have difficulty finding it later.

Converting from Quicken Home & Business

Cost of Goods Sold increases. No accounts are affected. What do you need to record in QuickBooks when a customer’s check bounces (the customer had non-sufficient funds, NSF)? There is less money in the checking account. The customer owes you for the amount of the check .

You can use one item to represent different services or goods. Items allow you to track your sales in more detail without cluttering your Chart of Accounts or Profit & Loss. To create an invoice, you must use an item. Another way is by closing the company file first. Go to the File menu and select Close Company.

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It also shows you the original superstream improves the australian superannuation system and who changed the transaction, as well as the exact date and time. What does the term “Double-entry accounting” mean? That the Income and Expense accounts are always part of every transaction.

QuickBooks will display a blank desktop. Yes, the steps provided by AlexV is for QuickBooks Desktop. Please try to close your QuickBooks Desktop account and then reopen it. Again, no place to select Express or Detailed setup. After selecting New Company, the screen that follows does NOT offer a selection for Detailed Start or Express Start. Briefly describe what the “Time by Job” project reports tell management.


The first month of your Fiscal Year…your fiscal year in basic terms is your tax year. Most businesses will follow a fiscal year that is similar to the calendar year. Others will choose a fiscal year that is different from the calendar year.

Figure 1-3. The EasyStep Interview sticks to the basics, so you’ll have more setup to do later. As you step through the screens in this section, make a list of the features you’re turning on for reference. If you decide to change any of these settings later, Chapter 25 tells you how.

quickbooks easystep interview

Please see the attached screenshot below for your guidance. It appears that you are reading the first post in this thread. My second entry in this thread, starting with “Please Note…” explains the problem in detail.

Select another clipboard

If you want to see more than one company, reset the number of entries again, this time to a higher number. Now, when you open another company file, it will appear on the list. If you work on several sets of company books at the same time, choosing File→Open Previous Company is the quickest way to hop between company files.


You’ll see Other below the Start Setup button. Click on the Other Options drop-down and select Advanced Setup instead. This option helps you to completely set up your company file. The Company Information dialog box closes.

Options for Creating a Company File

For now, getting back to the Easy Step Interview page after you’ve set up your company file is unavailable. If there are any changes that you’d like to correct with your setup, I suggest manually changing them directly by going to the setup page. Customer names, addresses, credit terms, and credit limits are entered after the EasyStep Interview. Go to the Item List and edit inventory part item and make sure the cost is the correct amount. To activate the account number option in QuickBooks, open the Preferences window, which can be accessed by clicking ____ on the main menu bar.


QuickBooks opens the Help. QuickBooks closes all windows. Consulting services are available to any business that wants or needs one-on-one QuickBooks help for thier financial data. I’ll assist with setup, training, or troubleshooting the data file and advise or assist in making necessary corrections or adapting the software to meet their unique needs. Figure 1-7. Some bits of company information change more often than others.

Name 3 reasons why a job for a customer might be “pending”. This category includes fields for your company address, phone number, email address, and website. From the QuickBooks Desktop Setup window, choose Detailed Start. Finding the EasyStep Interview is easy as 1,2,3. Follow the steps below to help find it.

version of quickbooks

For instance, you might relocate your office or change your phone number, email address, or website address. But stuff like your company’s legal name and address, federal Employer Identification Number, and business type usually stays the same. Click the “Change this” button, and then, in the Browse For Folder dialog box, choose the folder you want to use. Click OK to close the Browse For Folder dialog box, and then click OK to return to the main screen of the Update Your QuickBooks Company File dialog box.


To use it, choose File→New Company and then, in the QuickBooks Setup dialog box, click Start Setup. The “Glad you’re here! ” screen appears, and you can begin entering info. This section explains what the program needs to know to create your company file. This chapter begins by explaining how to launch your copy of QuickBooks.

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